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employee Yonah Wolf is one of the few people to call Martin Bodek by his full Hebrew name (and probably one of the few to actually remember it). He occasionally writes features for TheKnish.com when Bodek nudges him or he's 'feeling funny'. His greatest success in writing at TheKnish.com is when people forward his own articles to him, not realizing that he wrote them (don't they read the by-line? There aren't that many Yonah Wolf's in the world--aside from his cousin and that guy in Cleveland) and enjoys writing articles with fake people whose names are funny only if you know Yiddish.

In addition to TheKnish.com, Yonah's humor credits include (really, really, really) amateur(ish) stand-up and impersonating the characters from kids shows at his children's birthday parties. On the serious side, he maintains two blogs, one about Jewish Parenting (www.paymykidstuition.com) and one about his Judo training (trts.worldjudo.info). He currently resides in White Plains, NY (yes, there are Jews there, and Orthodox ones at that!) with his family.

Email: yonah@paymykidstuition.com

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