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employee Mordechai "Mike" Schmutter writes a weekly humor column for Hamodia, which [Censored by Hamodia]. He also teaches Language Arts in a yeshiva high school, where he tries to get kids to stop saying, “He’s staying by me in the house.” It’s an uphill battle. He is also the author of the book, Don’t Yell 'CHALLAH!' in a Crowded Matzah Bakery, which turns Passover’s most stressful points into its funniest points, from cleaning electrical outlets with a paper clip to cooking elaborate dishes with no ingredients to telling your kids the story of Passover in a language they understand when they have taken great pains to ask you the Mah Nishtanah in a language neither of you understands. He lives in New Jersey.

Email: mschmutter@gmail.com

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"Why are you reading this trash?" --Your 5th grade rebbe

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Taleh/Aries: You will have trouble getting your tefillin shel rosh positioned right.


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