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employee Martin is a recent graduate of the Jon Stewart College of Funny Fake News Delivery, minoring in No Really, This Stuff is True, taught by emeritus Conan O'Brien. In a shameless act of self-promotion, he has linked the Calvin picture to the left to his personal homepage. Mr. Bodek has had several business ventures, all fantastic successes. is what he's come up with to lower the bar for an actual challenge. He is also a bonafide author, not just a satire writer. Behold!: Martin Bodek's Author Spotlight. Eh? Eh? Buy some and Martin will promise to launch Knissues more frequently.


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Men's Tzitzis actually require laundering? Yeah, us neither.

On This Day

On May 27, 1482, nothing bad happened to the Jews. Just kidding, of course something bad happened.


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