David Friedman

employee There was a time in the past when TheKnish.com did not have so many writers. It was decided by the editors that they would adopt a baby boy and raise him in a Knishy environment in the hopes of his one day becoming a prolific TheKnish.com author. They named this boy David Friedman. "David" was chosen after a TheKnish.com editor's favorite statue, while "Friedman" was chosen as a cruel joke since most of David's life has been spent locked in TheKnish.com's basement office. Once in a while David was taken around the various Jewish neighborhoods in New York to get inspiration for articles. This stopped after his infamous escape attempt in Monsey.

Upon reaching adulthood, David started producing funny articles. TheKnish.com's editors were overjoyed and decided that in order to guarantee the continued existence of TheKnish.com through future generations they would need to breed David to make funny babies. David's wife is not amused.

Email: dfriedman@theknish.com

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"There are no stupid shaylos, just stupid talmidim." --The RaCHMaL

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No one has ever successfully lit an oil menorah without dripping wax into the oil.


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