David Bar-Magen

David Bar-Magen often forgets why he entered the room, and this one time he ran over a squirrel. Seriously, the damn thing just ran in front of the car like it wanted to end it all. David has spent some quality time of his life in the Ir Hakadosh, Lakewood, NJ. He attributes this exposure to the generally unhinged state of his mind and the fact that he sometimes bolts upright at three in the morning in a cold sweat, yelling, "Hide the TV! Wake the children!" When not concentrating on maintaining enough sanity to write knish-flavored articles (it doesn't take much), David enjoys mimicking passersby and recounting gruesomely humiliating dating stories that never happened to him. David is very happy that Five Hour Energy has recently obtained the Star-K symbol.

Email: davidbarmagen@gmail.com

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Tzitzis can be used as a handy flotation device in case of emergencies. Just wave it in the air until someone throws you a lifesaver.

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Dagim/Pisces: You will find both the source of that smell and that gefilte fish that went missing.


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