Issue 9

Baked March 1, 2004

Hot Stories

Mel Brooks Directing "The Passion of the Christ II: Mel Gibson's a Meshuganeh"

Judging from the dailies being released to critics, Mel Brooks' new movie promises to be the funniest of his work since his classic "Blazing Saddles." […] Full Story

Angry Fressers March on Kosher Delightful in Protest of Supersize Phase-out

Angry fressers staged an “eat-in” at a Kosher Delightful flagship restaurant in Manhattan today to protest the restaurant corporation’s recent decision to phase out its so-called Supersize portions of chazerai. […] Full Story

Modern Orthodox Union: New Atkins Symbol Looks Too Much Like Hechsher

According to the Mordern Orthodox Union the new "Atkins" symbol is creating mass confusion with shoppers revving up for Pesach. […] Full Story

Chasidic MTV Launches

Trivia buffs may know that MTV was launched on August 1, 1981 with "Video Killed the Radio Star," by The Buggles. Serious trivia buffs now know that Chasidic Music TeleVision (CMTV) was launched on March 1, 2004 with "Mezibuz," by Mordechai Ben David. […] Full Story

New Jewish Classification Causing Quite a Stir

As if the 21 classifications of Judaism weren't enough to commit to memory, a new grouping has been added to the mix and has contributed to further confusion. […] Full Story

Freak Mikvah Accident Creates First Jewish Superheroes

Five months after a freak explosion in a popular hasidic mikvah endowed five mikvagoers and one passerby with paranormal superhuman powers, forensic specialists have concluded the cause. […] Full Story

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