Issue 8

Baked January 1, 2004

Hot Stories

Basic Information About OSARS (Only Simchas Acute Refresh Syndrome)

Working closely with local health officials presents exclusive information on the outbreak of OSARS. […] Full Story

When "Fein" Meets "Nein": "Average Jew" Debuts on NBC

Tired of TV dating shows that give good-cooking women the run of the house with 16 masmidim? The producers of NBC's "Average Jew" were and decided to turn the genre on end. […] Full Story

Kid Rock Poncho Required Tzitzis: Beis Din

A Beis Din in Houston reviewed a taping of this year's Super Bowl in search of violations of biblical commandments. Several were found, but the most glaring of all was Kid Rock's American flag poncho, which the Beis Din declared required tzitzis because it was a four-cornered garment. […] Full Story

When "Lai Lai Lai" Meets "Oy Oy Oy": "American Chazzan" Debuts on FOX

Somewhere out there is the next Mordechai Ben David or Michoel Streicher and a new reality show is working hard to find them. But one "American Chazzan" producer says some of these wanna-be pop princes are more like frogs! […] Full Story

Gentile Eats Nothing But Jewish Food, Becomes Unstoppable Machine

Last January, Tracy Murdoch decided to become a gastronomical guinea pig. His mission: To eat three Jewish meals a day for thirty days and document the impact on his health. […] Full Story

From "Geshikt" to "Farikt": "The Shleprentice" Debuts on ABC

World-renowned kollel store developer Daniel Trumpstein's show, "The Shleprentice," debuts tonight amid an onslaught of media coverage and positive critical buzz. […] Full Story

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