Issue 6

Baked November 1, 2003

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Review: The Sopranenbaums Premiere Episode

The premiere episode for the newest HBO series, The Sopranenbaums, started with a shuckle. In the opening credits a brutal beat-down is administered with lulavim on a rabbi who refused to say that a local Williamsburg bakery was kosher. […] Full Story

Chanukah Bargain Hunter Trampled in Shopping Frenzy

A mob of shoppers rushing for a sale on Chanukah oil trampled the first man in line and knocked him unconscious as they scrambled for the shelves at an Eichler's Supercenter. […] Full Story

As 'Sopranenbaums' Debuts, Hasidic-Americans Worry About Image

As HBO debuts the series premiere of "The Sopranenbaums," Hasidic-American groups are asking media executives to try a little reality TV programming - at least where their image is concerned. […] Full Story

Iraqi Rabbi Gets Upsherin

On Thursday American soldiers finally captured Iraqi Rabbi, Sadya Chusseinowitz. He was wanted in connection to his refusal to get an upsherin. […] Full Story

Jewish Tooth Fairy Sues Former Employers

Esther Applebaum, formerly employed as a tooth fairy by You Can Handle the Tooth, Inc., has filed suit against the company, citing sexist behavior and religious discrimination as cause for the filing. […] Full Story

RIAA Sues Yeshiva File Traders

A torah tape industry group said it has filed lawsuits against the operators of private computer networks on three yeshiva campuses where it claims the networks are being used to illegally trade copies of digital torah tape files. […] Full Story

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  • captioned pic At-risk Baby Joins Melochim Shel Gehinom Gang
  • captioned pic Pig Attempts to Kasher Himself
  • captioned pic Fiddler on the Roof now Cellist on the Street

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On April 27, 1955, nothing bad happened to the Jews. Just kidding, of course something bad happened.

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