Issue 5

Baked October 1, 2003

Hot Stories

BoroParkopoly Game Called Racist

Shnorer Avenue instead of Boardwalk? Cheapskate Chentral instead of Reading Railroad? […] Full Story

Kohanim Unions Protest Overseas Labor

Yesterday, the two largest kohanim unions in the country organized a large protest outside the Manhattan headquarters of Agudath Israel. They claim that they've been hurt by the rising trend of parents outsourcing pidyon habens overseas. […] Full Story

Rappers Sampling Badchonim's Lyrics

Strange sights have become commonplace at Chasidic Mitzvah Tantzes, but nothing like rappers showing up to sample the creative lyrics of talented Badchonim. […] Full Story

Dell Cancels Yeshivish Tech Support

After an onslaught of complaints, computer maker Dell Inc. has stopped using a technical support center in Brooklyn to handle calls from its corporate customers. […] Full Story

Report: Jews Really Do Rule The World

It has been confirmed by sources that Jews indeed do rule the world, validating the suspicions of billions of earthlings who already knew that anyway. […] Full Story

Palestinian State "Possible" in 20000005: Powell

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said Wednesday that a Palestinian state was "possible" by the year 20000005 and that the United States is committed to achieving this target. […] Full Story

Cool Photos

  • captioned pic Scandal: Rabbi Boruch Pitt Marries a Shikse
  • captioned pic Grand Rabbi Instructs Followers to Bring Down the Roof
  • captioned pic New Minhag to Toivel Cars Catches On

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