Issue 3

Baked August 1, 2003

Hot Stories

Santa Claus Converts to Judaism

Exhausted and overworked, Santa Claus has decided to convert to Judaism to lessen his workload and decrease his stress. […] Full Story

Mendel The Mouse Commits Suicide

Shocking family and friends Mendel the Mouse was found dead in an apparent suicide. His friend, Dov Ber, discovered the body entangled in a mousetrap. Foul play was ruled out due to a suicide note found at the scene. […] Full Story

Girls Flee Modern LA for Frum Boro Park

Rachel and Debra's excellent adventure came to an end yesterday when the runaway Valley teens returned home after a weeklong cross-country trip. […] Full Story

New England Parents Concerned Over Average Child

Rachel and Nathan Shachter are enduring a nightmare of biblical proportions. Their child Isaac, 4 years of age, is completely average in every sense of the word. […] Full Story

The Chassidus for the 21st Century

Organizers of the upcoming "Tofu Tisch: A new concept in Chassidus" are complaining that they have been receiving threats regarding the upcoming event. […] Full Story

Report: Jews Don't Have Horns

Researchers at Harvard University have made a startling discovery. Jews don't have horns. All involved with the study were amazed at the results, confounding experts worldwide. […] Full Story

Cool Photos

  • captioned pic Baby Mistakenly Washed as Milchigs
  • captioned pic Hungarian monkey says 'No' to shidduch because guy doesn't make enough bananas
  • captioned pic Hasidic Couple Caught Walking Together

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Dagim/Pisces: You will find both the source of that smell and that gefilte fish that went missing.

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