Issue 25

Baked March 1, 2006

Hot Stories

New Fruit Hits Supermarket Shelves

Tzvi Fillin, owner of T'Fillin Farms, has done it again. Already known for its excellent organic fruits, T'Fillin Farms has upped the ante with the release of their unique, signature fruit: the T'Fillin date. […] Full Story

New Site Makes Dates for Apostates

This past February marked the launch of the latest in online dating sites. It's Freister - like Frumster, but for the frei community. Webmaster Cofer B. Ikkar created the site to service the rapidly growing ex-frum community. […] Full Story

N.I.D.D.A.P.C.S. Program Introduced in Lakewood

In an effort to reach a compromise with adults upset about their Internet ban, Lakewood rabbis have created a new program: No Internet During Days After Periodic Computer Shutdown (N.I.D.D.A.P.C.S.). […] Full Story

Kashering Dishes to Avoid Broadcasting Television

Have your children's schools made you get rid of your television and now you're feeling left out of the discussions during Shachris? I know I was. Lost, House and Desperate Housewives are no more; I've been at a loss for words at davening ever since my daughter's school handed out quizzes to the first graders about televisions. […] Full Story

Archaeologists Uncover Achashveyrosh’s Throne

When U.S. soldiers announced in 2003 that they had caught Saddam Hussein with his pants down, everyone thought they were speaking metaphorically. Upon revisiting the site, experts now believe that they have uncovered the royal throne of King Achashveyrosh, grandson-in-law of Nebuchadnezzar. […] Full Story

Israeli Restauranteur and American Engineer Find New Markets For Leftover Chulent

Chulent can be called a passing fancy. On Saturday morning, there isn't anyone who doesn't love the smell of chulent in the air or enjoy sitting down in their "office" after eating a nice bowl of chulent and reading the paper while doing their business. […] Full Story

Cool Photos

  • captioned pic Kollel Retirees Still Not Carrying Own Weight
  • captioned pic New Coat Includes Negiah Force Field
  • captioned pic Sharon Stone Kisses Sharon's Stone

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Deep Quote

"If you don't bren now, you'll bren later." --Your 9th grade Rebbe

On This Day

On May 27, 1777, Shlomie Malinowitz built the most illegal sukkah ever--and was still yotzeh l'chol hade'os!


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