Issue 22

Baked July 1, 2005

Hot Stories

Suicide Bombings Down Due to Shortage of Virgins

Political pundits have long speculated on the cause of the downturn of suicide bombings in Israel. Some have posited that the credit belongs to Ariel Sharon's iron fist. […] Full Story

Chareidi Group Seeks Ban of Internet Creation from Yeshiva Textbooks

A religious action group in the state of New York is applying pressure on the New York State Board of Education to ban any and all references to the creation of the Internet from yeshiva textbooks, a spokesman for the group confirmed today. […] Full Story

"Best Kol Isha" New Hit Category at Jewish Grammies

874,000 people crammed into Madison Square Garden last night to honor the best in the Jewish music industry. The official attendance record was approximate, as only 17,854 males aged 20-60 were counted. […] Full Story

Pork-Flavored Candy Blasted

Pork-flavored goodies with names such as Trayfer Wafer, Shalom Chazer and Porky Avos are showing up on the shelves of convenience stores around the country, angering anti-treif advocates. […] Full Story

Toyota Launches New Pritzus

The Toyota Motor Corporation announced today the nationwide launch of the all-new Pritzus passenger vehicle through its various dealers. […] Full Story

Modern Orthodox Conference Largest Ever

This past week marked the occasion of the largest Modern Orthodox conference, organized by the group Deah. Deah, which quite appropriately can mean either wisdom or opinion, was founded in 1996 to advocate Modern Orthodoxy (motto: "We're not quite dead yet"). […] Full Story

Cool Photos

  • captioned pic Green Bay Packers Attracting Ultra-Orthodox Fans
  • captioned pic Rare Scottish Chasidim Spotted in the Wild
  • captioned pic Lance Armstrong Wins Tour de Lakewood

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