Issue 19

Baked March 1, 2005

Hot Stories

Protesters Rally Over Lack of Food at Siyum

Hundreds of thousands gathered in cities all over the world to protest the general lack of refreshments at the Eleventh Siyum of the Daf Yomi. […] Full Story

Bar Mitzvah Age Raised to 16

By a vote of 1-0, Rav Yosef Ovadya, who controls absolutely everything on Earth, has decided to raise the age of Bar Mitzvah to sixteen. […] Full Story

Daniel Trumpstein and Olympians "Fire" Up Crowd of BOROPARK2012 Supporters

Crowds gathered inside the lobby of the Park House Hotel Wednesday morning as Brooklyn real estate developer and BOROPARK2012 bid supporter Daniel Trumpstein joined a group of Olympians for the unveiling of a new advertisement featuring the businessman. […] Full Story

Rav to be Replaced by Robo-Rav

By early 2007, the Breslov sect of chasidim is anticipating that it will be led no longer by the memory of its single Rebbe, but rather by a machine they have dubbed, “Robo-Rav.” […] Full Story

Beauty Pageant to Choose Miss Fachnyukt

There is a catwalk banquet, hordes of journalists, traditional dancing and time-consuming hair styling, but at Boro Park's beauty pageant every competitor must be fachnyukt. […] Full Story

Brooklyn Yeshiva Too Nice to Ask for Federal Funding

Although many of its textbooks are in severe disrepair, the traditionally undemanding Yeshivas Lemudei Kodesh in Brooklyn isn't comfortable asking for more state funding, sources reported Monday. […] Full Story

Cool Photos

  • captioned pic Penguin Club to Compete with Polar Bear Club
  • captioned pic Chevra Kadisha Jumps the Gun
  • captioned pic Hands Across Boro Park Attracts Half-Dozens of People

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