Issue 17

Baked January 1, 2005

Hot Stories

Jewish Mother Unable to Experience Guilt

Golda Bernhak is among a tiny number of people in the world known to have congenital insensitivity to guilt with anhidrosis, or CIGA, a rare genetic disorder that makes her unable to feel guilt and make others feel guilty. […] Full Story

Jews Protest Friday Christmas Eves

Jews in the northeastern United States have been virulently protesting the fallout of the scheduling of Christmas 2004 and all future Christmas Eves that occur on Friday. […] Full Story

Overfishing Places Gefilte on Endangered Species List

The Jewish community faces an unprecedented crisis in its history. The gefilte fish, a delicacy enjoyed by Jews worldwide, is facing extinction. […] Full Story

New Tzedakah to Attract Gullible People

A mass advertising campaign, including billboards, newspaper ads and a team of hundreds of shnorers of all shapes and sizes armed with thousands of laminated sheets, has been launched to promote the newly created Tzedakat Hascam. […] Full Story

Police Uncover Chain of S and M Clubs in Brooklyn

The NYPD announced today the shocking discovery of a chain of illicit sadomasochism (S&M) clubs located throughout the borough of Brooklyn. […] Full Story

United Nations Blames Jews for Tsunami

The United Nations unanimously voted for a resolution condemning Jews for the deadly tsunamis in South Asia. […] Full Story

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  • captioned pic Apple Begins Marketing Products to Lubavitch Community
  • captioned pic Williamsburg Space Program Off to Promising Start
  • captioned pic Chassid's Chassid Disguise Not so Good

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