Issue 16

Baked December 1, 2004

Hot Stories

Holy Sheet! Hits the Spot

A new product is tearing up the market. Holy Sheet! was introduced just two weeks ago, but it's already shredding the competition. […] Full Story

Two Jews Found Holding Same Opinion

The Jewish scientific community was rocked this week by reports of an unprecedented discovery. […] Full Story

Deceased Arafat Denies Link to Resurrection Bombers

Doctors have confirmed that Yassir Arafat is finally staying dead. Arafat's constant flip-flopping from death to life was the cause of much consternation and confusion during his last few days. […] Full Story

Shadchan World Shocked by Truth Scandal

The Jewish matchmaking world is currently reeling from the effects of a shocking allegation. […] Full Story

Skivvies Scandal Enters Spin Cycle

The latest craze sweeping through Lakewood is well on its way to becoming a chiyuv, totally bypassing the minhag phase. […] Full Story

Derech Pesoyim Launches Campaign to End Fleishig Fear

Inspired by Dor Yeshorim's highly-praised campaign to stamp out Tay Sachs, the organization Derech Pesoyim has announced the rollout of the first premarital test for the dreaded Fleishig Fear gene. […] Full Story

Cool Photos

  • captioned pic Elders of Zion Hold Secret Solstice Meeting
  • captioned pic New Milk Campaign Targets Hasidic Community
  • captioned pic Head and Shoulders Shortage Claims Another Victim

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