Issue 15

Baked November 1, 2004

Hot Stories

Orthodox "Survivor" Driving Tribemates Batty

The Survivor series has had many contestants, from a rainbow of nationalities, but it's never had a Jew before, it certainly hasn't had an orthodox Jew and it definitely hasn't had one that brought along a Shabbos goy as a luxury item. […] Full Story

Jewish Entertainment Industry Executive Marries Jewish Woman

Hollywood hot-shot producer Shlomo Gabinsky (Friday the 13th: the Prequel, Thursday the 12th) announced his engagement to feminist activist Yenta Aronowitz. […] Full Story

Talibanos Yaakov Announces New Tznius Requirements

Parents of children at the Talibanos Yaakov in Boro Park have accepted the requirments of the Rosh Yeshiva, Reb Itzik Chauvinister, for the appearances of their holy Jewish daughters. […] Full Story

Mikvah Lady Shortage Hits Crisis Mode

The Board of Rabbis of America (BRA) announced yesterday that the decline in the number of Orthodox women pursuing careers in Religious Hygienics (mikvah inspection) has resulted in a dire shortfall of "mikvah ladies," impacting the operations of dozens of mikvahs throughout the United States. […] Full Story

Rabbi to Announce Discovery of Most Important Mitzvah

This coming Shabbos, during his speech at Congregation Ohev Ledaber, Rabbi Speakerstein will reveal what is the most important of all mitzvahs. […] Full Story

Shtiebel Unveils Plans to Replace Mechitzah with Security Wall

A local shtiebel, whose official name has been long forgotten, has unveiled plans to build a new security wall in place of its existing moveable wooden mechitzah. […] Full Story

Cool Photos

  • captioned pic New Pillow Prompts Debate on Yichud/Negiah Halachos
  • captioned pic Study: It Takes Three Chassidic Kids to Screw in a Light Bulb
  • captioned pic Ol' Seven Eyes Wins Yet Another Pri Etz Hadar Picking Contest

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On May 27, 1893, the first International Dreidel Championship was held in Stockholm. Chaim Spinower won with a masterful gimmel.


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