Issue 14

Baked August 1, 2004

Hot Stories

ACLU Holds Conference on Sheitel Head Rights

Due to recent disturbing trends related to the disenfranchisement of sheitel heads, the ACLU held an emergency conference on Sheitel Head rights. […] Full Story

UN Condemns Itself for Missed Opportunities to Condemn Israel

The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution today condemning itself for neglecting numerous opportunities to pass resolutions condemning Israel. […] Full Story

Boro Park Site of First Hocker Depot

In a grand opening Monday, Boro Park became home to the first Hocker Depot, one link in the planned nationwide chain of warehouse-style stores that will supply the nation's estimated 117,000 Hocker-Americans with all of their lifestyle essentials. […] Full Story

Satmar Athletes Protest Rule Changes for Olympics

Thirty-four world records have been shattered by the Satmar sect of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish athletes at this year's Olympics in Athens. […] Full Story

Arabs: McGreevey Scandal Perpetrated by the Mossad

In a move today that shocked no one, the Arab League declared that the resignation of Governor Jim McGreevy of New Jersey was brought about by a Mosaad plot to blackmail him. […] Full Story

Israeli Awarded Gold in Judo Without Competing

"There are good wins and bad wins," says Israeli judoka Didan Nezah. "but there is no bad way to win an Olympic Gold medal!" […] Full Story

Cool Photos

  • captioned pic Verizon Introduces New Up Up Down Down Right Left and All Around Calling Plan
  • captioned pic Bush Ads Show Kerry Uses Non-Mehadrin Lulavim
  • captioned pic Yankiv Weighs in at the Annual Hasidic Dieting Competition

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"Why are you reading this trash?" --Your 5th grade rebbe

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On May 27, 1342, Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call and a Jewish mother complained that her son didn't call.


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