Issue 11

Baked May 1, 2004

Hot Stories

Tony Soprano Put in Cheirem for Keeping Wife an Agunah

After several attempts by the New Jersey community to secure a get for Carmela Soprano, the Beis Din of Jersey has finally succeeded in forcing Tony Soprano to give his estranged wife a get. […] Full Story

Palestinian Militants Protest America's Illegal Occupation of Mars

America's invasion of disputed Palestinian territory on Mars has been met with stiff resistance from militant groups in the area. […] Full Story

Mattel Announces New Jewish Barbie Line

In an effort to prop up lagging sales for their Barbie doll and Ken doll line, Mattel has targeted the little Jewish girl market with Barbie dolls that reflect Jewish culture. […] Full Story

Chief Rabbi: Wigs Out

A crisis has erupted in Orthodox Jewish communities around the world. On Tuesday, the Chumradika Rav paskened against the use of shaitels that contain hair from India. […] Full Story

David Blainestein Attempts New Jewish Endurance Record

Starved for attention yet again, Jewish street magician David Blainestein has announced that he would eat nothing but non-frummy brands of food for as long as humanly possible. […] Full Story

Hat Store Accused of Wig-sider Trading

Rachel’s Hats joined the ranks of Enron and WorldCom yesterday when insider-trading accusations were leveled against the store. […] Full Story

Cool Photos

  • captioned pic Ah-rik to Co-star with Ah-nold in "Twins 2"
  • captioned pic Construction Begins on Satmer Playgroup Mechitza
  • captioned pic Robert DeNiro Converts to Judaism

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