March 17, 2010 | Issue 30

Reality series Recruiting More Boro Park "Hausfrauen"

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — [] Bravo's "Der Emesdik Hausfrauen fin Boro Park" has been picked up for a third season but might feature a new group of Brooklyn mamelech.

Announcing that the reality series will return in 5770, Bravo said it is "casting for additional hausfrauen" amid reports about a salary dispute between the cable network and the six cast members: Krasi Haluptcho, Brucha Nechama Krautpletzel, Surka Gribines, Matel Yitel Chremzel, Rivkele Letcho and Mushka Petrishke.

A source said negotiations between the stars and Bravo are ongoing. Production on the third season of the show is slated to begin in the fall.

Although each of the women has been asked back, only newest housewife Mushka Petriske has signed on to appear next season. A network insider tells us the other nekaives are dragging their feet over — what else? — money.

“The Hausfrauen all want six-figure deals,” says our source. “They barely made ten grand for the first season, barely enough for their husbands to avoid white collar crime. They want the whole shebang: a shabbos robe allowance, money for sheitlach and shpitzels, a set raise and a promised amount of screen time.”

To be prepared in case anyone refuses to sign her contract (a network rep refused to comment on any contract negotiations), Bravo has quietly been interviewing at least 30 prospective cast members. One “Hausfrau" source tells us that the interviewees are mothers of ten in their 20s who are as attractive, to their husbands of course - because we shouldn't be looking - and well-connected as Petrishke.

Meanwhile, another network insider says the girls should just be grateful they still have a job. “They’re forgetting that the Boro Park show now plays second fiddle to the Mundroe show,” according to the snitch. “They should watch out! The Rucklind Cunty Hausfrauen were a perfect example of how each woman can be replaced.”

The second season of "BP," which chronicles the lives of a group of completely unambitious women as they juggle motherhood, wifehood and annual birthgiving, was up double digits in the ratings.


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