November 1, 2004 | Issue 15

Rabbi to Announce Discovery of Most Important Mitzvah

article pic PASSAIC, NEW JERSEY — [] This coming Shabbos, during his speech at Congregation Ohev Ledaber, Rabbi Speakerstein will reveal what is the most important of all mitzvahs.

This will be the 407th Mitzvah to receive this status during Rabbi Speakerstein’s 15 year tenure at the shul. Number 406, announced complete with sources during shalosh seudes last week, was the mitzvah of sponsoring shalosh seudos. interviewed the Rabbi to try to get a sneak peak of the mitzvah. The rabbi declined to comment on the specific mitzvah, but urged everyone to attend the speech. “Educating the public about contemporary halacha is extremely vital,” said the Rabbi, “it is the most important of mitzvahs.”

Rabbi Speakerstein started his career by discovering the most important parsha every week and twice when there was a double parsha. However, after a year he ran out of parshas and had to move to yomim tovim. After all the yomin tovim, plus a few made up ones, were deemed to be the most important, he moved onto the unlimited supply of mitzvahs, which he has been elevating to the most important status ever since. In addition, whenever there is a simcha, the balei simcha become promoted to be the most important family in the community.

We asked the Rabbi his secret. “You first have to understand the conventional method. You start off with a simple task or bodily function, say picking your nose. You then have a gadol do this, at which point it becomes something praiseworthy to do. Once enough people do it, it becomes a minhag, then minhag hamakom, the minhag yisroel. Since minhag yisroel kidin hu, it becomes halachah. The next thing you know it becomes the chumrah of the week and you are chayiv skilah for transgressing it. At that point, most Rabbis will build it into their speeches as the most important of all mitzvahs.”

“I, however, have discovered the most important of fast track systems, which skips some of the most important of these steps. This way, in keeping with the previous example, all I have to do is pick my nose on the way up to the bima, and by the time I get there I can declare it the most important of all mitzvahs.”


Pencil Ann Onymous is the most important of all submitters.


comment Joe Deism said...

This is amusing. Soon he'll get to all 613! :)

For more serious explorations of the question of important mitzvot, check out these articles:

June 30, 2008 at 3:29 p.m.

comment Martin Bodek said...

Joe Deism, I just got that. Har har har. :-)

July 4, 2008 at 4:24 a.m.

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