March 17, 2010 | Issue 30

Mendy and Hendy Return to TLC as Single Parents

MONSEY, NEW YORK — [] "Mendy & Hendy Plus Twenty" will returns to TLC, after a hiatus during which they were starting the process of veiled threats to break Mendy's legs if he doesn't give a get.

"Mendy & Hendy Plus Twenty" has been off the air for six weeks, since their bombshell announcement early in the season that they were getting a get.

According to a plagiarized report on VIN, the "Mendy & Hendy Plus Twenty" show, which revolves around the Brody family, will include segments on single parenting but not shidduch dating.

Viewers tuning in for the titillation of learning more about Mendy’s midlife crisis and his new globetrotting lifestyle with various young women will therefore probably be disappointed. In the season premiere, Hendy says she will do things she has never done before, including sleeping and napping.

TLC President Kate Jonson made a statement at a Monitor Critics Association meeting about future episodes of the popular series. The sofa where the couple used to sit on for interviews will be gone, replaced by two separate chairs. Mendy and Hendy will be interviewed separately while sitting on a chair, instead of while sitting together on the sofa.

"Ironically," says Jonson, "we would have made this change anyway had they stayed together. That sofa created all sorts of Nidah issues."

VIN Showbiz Tonight broadcast a brief segment with Hendy’s brother, who opined that the show should be taken off the air, because the Brodys are a family in crisis. In fact, the very name of the reality series is now misleading, because Mendy & Hendy are no longer a couple. With shared custody, they should be called "Men & Hen Plus 10."

"Mendy & Hendy Plus Twenty" is a reality series, originally based upon the Brody family and the challenges of raising a large family. The Brody children consist of a set of twins, sextuplets, decuplets and two single births for a total of twenty young children. There have been concerns that the children are being forgotten in the drama surrounding the dissolution of their parent’s marriage and that the situation could be unhealthy for the Brody children.


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