March 1, 2005 | Issue 19

Daniel Trumpstein and Olympians "Fire" Up Crowd of BOROPARK2012 Supporters

article pic BORO PARK, BROOKLYN — [] Crowds gathered inside the lobby of the Park House Hotel Wednesday morning as Brooklyn real estate developer and BOROPARK2012 bid supporter Daniel Trumpstein joined a group of Olympians for the unveiling of a new advertisement featuring the businessman.

The event is part of a week-long celebration coinciding with the four-day visit of the International Olympic Committee Evaluation Commission to Boro Park to evaluate the city’s plans for the Olympic Games in 2012.

Members of BOROPARK2012’s Circle of Olympians and Paralympians, including Mishkev Zochur (Mikvah Breath-Holding: 1976 3 gold, silver, bronze; 1980 2 gold, 2 silver), Skoonis Nefooshis (13th Avenue Car-Dodging: 1976, 1980, 1984 2 gold), Kim Nor Aherdi (Shabbos Goy Obtaining: 1992 silver, bronze; 1996 gold) and Gemmich Anna Dooveh (Shnoring: 2004 2 silver) joined legendary USA Gymnastics coach Adon Olam in showing their support for bringing the Olympic Games to Boro Park.

“This is the dream of the Jewish world!,” said Olam. The charismatic mikvahnastics coach’s enthusiasm was infectious and drew enormous applause from Olympic supporters as they chanted, “2012! 2012!”

Four talented young gymnasts from Loif Leibidig in Lang, a local sports organization, later performed on a balance beam that was brought into the lobby. The event concluded with the world premiere of BOROPARK2012’s latest advertisement featuring Trumpstein.

From a menorah in the lobby, the ad showed Trumpstein in a hard hat on a construction beam marveling at the athletic feats of two-time Olympic gold medalist Emetzer Hutalicense (Meshulech Driving: 1996 2 gold, silver).

Trumpstein, currently starring in the third installment of his hit show "The Shleprentice", describes his performing multiple triple-parked car dodging routines, “On a road 1/6th of its original size and all without a seatbelt. The Olympic Games in Boro Park, now that I’d like to see.”

It was a sentiment that was echoed by the Olympians.

Kim Nor Aherdi remembers hearing "Boro Park" being chanted when she entered the mikvahnastics arena at the 1996 Williamsburg Olympic Games and believes this experience will be shared by all athletes in a 2012 Boro Park Games.

“Most, if not all, athletes who are competing will feel like they have a hometown presence here supporting them every step of the way, especially because they can park whereever they want and nobody in this community would ever bother us for autographs,” Aherdi said.


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