September 1, 2005 | Issue 23

Brooklyn Couple First to Admit Meeting on Dating Website

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — [] Raizy and Sruli Klinger have accomplished what many insiders consider to be a culture changing event. Last Thursday they called together a yenta conference and officially announced that they had met on

Sruli said, "Originally we thought we'd lie like the rest of our friends. Ya know, designate one of our buddies to ret the shidduch to our folks even though Raizy and I have been e-mailing each other for months, IMing each other for weeks and having cybermitzvahs for days - um, maybe I shouldn't have revealed that."

Immediately, the last line went over all the yentas heads, but the racist taunts began.

"How dare you impact our way of life?" cried Elkie Ligener, a shadchen with two days of experience.

"Didn't you see Fiddler on the Roof? Don't you know we're an integral part of the community? Couldn't you have lied about where you met and let me ret the shidduch to your folks so I can make a couple thousand off the deal, then say you won't have kids till you buy me a nice present?" wailed Ruchele Fupper, a shadchen with 97 years of experience.

Despite the taunts, complaints and slurs that followed, Raizy and Sruli are happy to weather the storm and have encouraged others to do the same.

Their revelation and encouragement have not come without peril. Shadchen revenue has dropped considerably ever since the Klingers made their story public, as others follow in their footsteps.

Also, there has been a significant spike in heart attacks amongst Jewish parents as their children revealed how they met.

Nevertheless, the revolution has begun and the shadchen barrier has been smashed.

Conspiracy theorists believe the Internet ban was created to keep Jewish singles dependent on shadchonim to find their matches.

"Nonsense," said the Chumradika Rav. "We created it just to throw our weight around - oops, did I just say that?"


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