September 1, 2003 | Issue 4

Anti _______ League Forms With No Purpose

article pic HAIFA, ISRAEL — [] The Anti _______ League has been formed by a core staff of twelve organizers, who have gathered over 1,400 Jews to protest um, various things. The League as yet doesn't really know what they'll be protesting, but Adam Carmel, head of the "A_L", promises they'll have a purpose pretty soon and will be out on the streets protesting in no time.

"Hey, give us time," says Adam. "We're ready to go, we've got posters with nothing written on them, we've got blank bumper stickers and we've got 1,400 wildly angry Jews just waiting to yell about something against some cause or other."

His partner, Seth Eisen, promises the same as well. "We're angry, we're riled up, we're ready to explode. Against what? Who knows, time will tell. Why are we all angry? No reason, but we'll have one soon."

Asked to comment, one of the protestors was extremely candid about the A_L's mission. "We are just livid at some of the things that are happening to us brought upon us by something and perpetuated by somebody. The MINUTE we find out who they are and what it is they're doing, you'll be hearing from us. Until then, it's back to Anger Management for all of us."


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